Python overpy 0.4 released

In version 0.4 many new features have been added and some bugs have been fixed. The new version is already available from PyPI.

Short changelog:

  • Support Areas
  • Parse center information
  • Parse geometry information
  • Add SAX parser
  • Add option to choose DOM or SAX parser
  • Fix issues (Thanks to all contributors)
  • Add property for default API URL
  • Add examples
  • Fix issues with CI builds with Python 3.2
  • Add Python 3.5 to CI builds

PyPoly v0.4 released

PyPoly v0.4 comes with many new features and a lot of improvements. It's faster and more stable than the versions before. The Python packages have also been restructured to provide a cleaner API.

For more information have a look at the PyPoly project page.