Customize SSL certificate of dionaea

A new config option to customize the SSL certificate of the dionaea honeypot has been added recently. In the article I will show how to use the new possibility.

To test new feature you have to install the nightly packages provided in the Personal Package Archive (PPA) or build the honeypot from the sources in the dionaea git repository.

In the config file /etc/dionaea/dionaea.conf comment in and edit the ssl subsection under the listen section.

listen =
            ssl = {
                    default = {
                            c = "US"
                            cn = ""
                            o = "Example Org."
                            ou = "Example"


Restart the honeypot and run the following command to check if the settings were correctly applied.

$ openssl s_client -connect
subject=/C=US/ Org./OU=Example
issuer=/C=US/ Org./OU=Example

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