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check_snmp_multi 0.3 released

Version 0.3 of the monitoring plugin "check_snmp_multi" hast been released.


  • Add support for base oid
  • Replace load test with more generic one
  • New option to display strings
  • Support oid with leading .
  • Add support for loop values
  • Add examples to help text
  • Add icinga2 CheckCommand example
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stftpd 0.1.0 released

stftpd 0.1.0 a Single-File TFTP Server has been released.

The released version 0.1.0 is a proof of concept. But it can already be used to experiment with the TFTP protocol.

The main goals are simplicity and portability. Only core functions of Python 2 and Python 3 have been used to implement the server.

Feel free to use stftpd as a standalone server or to write your own using the provided Python API. You can grab the source code from the stftpd repository on GitHub.

Python overpy 0.4 released

OverPy 0.4 the Python wrapper to access the Overpass API has been released.

In version 0.4 many new features have been added and some bugs have been fixed. The new version is already available from PyPI.

Short changelog:

  • Support Areas
  • Parse center information
  • Parse geometry information
  • Add SAX parser
  • Add option to choose DOM or SAX parser
  • Fix issues (Thanks to all contributors)
  • Add property for default API URL
  • Add examples
  • Fix issues with CI builds with Python 3.2
  • Add Python 3.5 to CI builds

Python ssdeep 3.2 released

Version 3.2 of python-ssdeep has been released today.

Version 3.2 of the Python ssdeep binding has been released today. The new version is already available from PyPI and from AUR for Arch Linx.

Short changelog:

  • Updated install instructions
  • Update included ssdeep library from 2.12 to 2.13
  • Add additional CI tests