OpenVAS: Fixing 'SCAP and/or CERT database missing'

One of the cool new features of the upcoming Greenbone Security Assistant 4.0 is the 'SecInfo Management'. But if you have followed the installation instructions you will see an error message. In this post I will show you how to fix this error.

While using the new 'SecInfo Management' the following message 'SCAP and/or CERT database missing on OMP server' will be presented to you. This means that either the SCAP feed or the CERT feed haven't been synchronized. You can find an option to synchronize the SCAP feed be clicking on 'Administrator'->'SCAP feed' in the web-interface. But you still have to sync the CERT feed. So log into your OpenVAS server by using ssh or a terminal and run the following command.

$ sudo openvas-certdata-sync

At the time of writing the CERT data isn't available but the openvas-certdata-sync tool will create the database structure that is required to list the information in the 'SecInfo Management' section.

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