Tag: pySSLScan

pySSLScan 0.5 released

Version 0.5 of pySSLScan has been released today.

All new features are based on the new features introduced in FlexTLS 0.3.


  • Add support to scan DTLS 1.0 and DTLS 1.2 enabled services
  • Add support to handle fragmentation
  • Add support to enumerate elliptic curves
  • Add support to enumerate point formats
  • Add improved error handling for commandline parameters
  • Add support to handle connection state
  • Add support for LDAP and RDP
  • Load term module if no report module given

pySSLScan 0.4 released

Most of the scan modules of the pySSLScan framework have been rewritten to use FlexTLS.


  • Use flextls module for scans
    • Most scans have been rewritten to be more flexible
    • Support additional ciphers
    • Minimize OpenSSL dependencies
  • New server.compression scan to explicitly scan for supported compression methods
  • Minimize number of requests during cipher scans
  • Improve detection of preferred ciphers
  • Don't perform a full handshake during cipher scans