Debian Package Repository


:title:Service discontinued!

This service has been discontinued in early 2013 and is no longer available.

In the Debian/Ubuntu package repository you can find packages not in the official repositories or in a Personal Package Archive(PPA) on

Import public GPG-Key

Before you can use the repositories you have to add the public gpg key.

On Debian:

$ wget
$ sudo apt-key add

On Ubuntu:

$ wget
$ sudo apt-key add

Add repository

The easiest way to add an repository is by getting a .list file from

Example for the Debian fermi Driver:

$ wget
$ sudo mv fermi.debian.squeeze.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/
$ sudo apt-get update

Available Repositories

Debian NextWindow Fermi Driver

Packages for Debian including the nwfermi driver for NextWindow Touch Controllers. All packages are repacked from the official Ubuntu packages. The copyright for the binary code and programs included in the packages is held by NextWindow. For more information see: NextWindow Fermi Driver on

APT Source-List:

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