Monitoring plugin check_rittal_cmc3 0.4 released

Version 0.4 of the check_rittal_cmc3 monitoring plugin has been released.

The Computer Multi Control (CMC) from Rittal is a monitoring system to collect sensor readings from different sensors in a data center. This release includes support for the CMCIII-ACC sensor, more options to improve reporting and some Perl fixes.


  • Add option to select inputs to check for CMCIII-IO3 devices
  • Breaking: All inputs have been checked before
  • Add support to check multiple devices with one check
  • Add flag to use device alias as status label (CMCIII-LEAK)
  • Change scan output to be more verbose
  • Add additional checks for CMCIII-PU
  • Check state of input sensors
  • Check temperature sensor
  • Check access sensor
  • Add support for CMCIII-ACC sensor
  • Add flag to use sensor name as status label for access sensors(CMCIII-ACC, CMCIII-PU)
  • Fix compilation error with newer Perl versions


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