New ansible role to setup a read-only root filesystem

Today we have released a new ansible role to setup a read-only root filesystem on a Raspberry PI.

A few month ago we have published an article on how to mount the root filesystem of a Raspberry PI read-only. We have used the rpi-utils to reach our goal. But the main disadvantage was the manual process to copy all the scripts and setup the filesystem. That's why we have created an ansible role to automate the setup process.

To download the role run the following command, go to the ansible galaxy or visit the GitHub page.

ansible-galaxy install DinoTools.raspi_ro_root

After installing the role you should be able to use it like in the example below.

- hosts: localhost
  become: yes

    - DinoTools.raspi_ro_root

Feel free to test the role and report any issues on GitHub.


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